We are committed to serving our students with safe and efficient transportation.

  • South Lane School District provides bus transportation for elementary students living more than one mile from school or secondary students living more than 1  1/2 miles from school, as determined by the district. Students who obtain a district transfer are required to provide their own transportation. 

  • June 6, 2022 Bus Announcement

    Due to a shortage of available bus drivers, route 43 will not run this afternoon. If
    you can pick your student up from school, we encourage you to do so.
    Students who normally ride bus 43 who need transportation home will ride the
    following buses:

    • Bohemia students will ride bus 55 for stops at:
      • Cemetery and Ash
      • Main St and Karen Ct
    • Bohemia students will ride bus 4 for stops at:
      • Birch and J
      • Cottonwood
      • M and Ash
      • 8th St apartments (Library)
    • Bohemia, LMS, CGHS, Harrison and AKHS students will ride bus 42 for stops at:
      • Great Days
      • River Rd and Holly
      • Riverside Apartments
      • Gateway Apartments
    • Bohemia, Lincoln, Harrison, AKHS and CGHS students will ride bus 16 for stops at:
      • Cemetery and Ash
      • Bennett Creek Rd
      • N. River Rd
    • Bohemia students will remain at school and picked at approximately 3:20, LMS, CGHS, AKHS students will ride bus 42 for stops on:
      • Lorane Hwy
      • Gowdyville Rd
      • Veatch Rd
      • Hazelton Rd

    Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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