Professional Development

      • The following resources are geared to help support instructional staff as we enter a new paradigm of teaching and learning. Some of these items were created by professional researchers/authors, but most of them come from your peers: the SLSD Content and Delivery Team that met and worked over the summer and into the fall. Please understand that we may not be experts in all of these areas, but we are trying to provide a baseline for best practices in this new world.

        Before you learn, check out this video overview of how these training modules will work.


      Training Modules

      • Dual-Teaching Professional Supports from SLSD Teachers

      • SLSD Ongoing Professional Supports:

      • Elementary Teacher Collaboration Meetings

      • SLSD Professional Development Modules for September

      • Distance Learning Playbook

      • Resources: Ed Tech Guide, Google Classroom Template, ARC Handbook

      Inservice Calendar