How to Submit a Public Records Request

  • Submit your request for public records by emailing Tonya Kerns in the Superintendent's Office. Please be as specific as possible about the records you are seeking. if you are unsure what records exist, feel free to call or email to discuss your request. Please specify if you would like to receive electronic or physical copies. 

    South Lane School District tries to provide the public with records at no cost when possible. However, the district reserves the right to charge for requests that are time-consuming or require large-scale printing. There may be charges for staff time and physical copies, depending on the format or volume of your request. According to ORS 192.324: A public body is authorized to establish fees “reasonably calculated to reimburse for the actual cost of making public records available.” This includes the “costs for summarizing, compiling or tailoring the public record, either in organization or media, to meet the person’s request.” Actual cost may include a charge for the time spent locating the requested record and reviewing the record in order to redact exempt material.