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  • Next year, South Lane School District will get an extra $2.3 million to help improve student success. There are restrictions on how the money is spent and we’ve been working hard all year long analyzing data, getting input, and coming up with our plan. This page includes updates on each portion of the process.
    Student Investment Account - Video Plan Update
    Want to know how we are spending our $2.3 million dollars from the Student Investment Account? Check out this video which shows the details. When you are done, please spend a few minutes taking our survey below.
    After you watch the summary Video, please let us know what you think of the process, the input, and the spending priorities by filling out this quick survey.
    SLSD Final Plan for the Student Investment Account: 
    To read all of the details about the process and the plan for the $2.3 million from the Student Investment Account, check out this document. This is the information that was submitted to the state in order for them to approve the plan. We may have to make changes based on the feedback we get from the Oregon Department of Education. Any changes will also be posted to this website. 
    SLSD's Plan for the SSA:
    After months of looking at data and research and holding input sessions, we have a plan for how we will spend our money from the Student Investment Account. Check out the overview.
    SSA Final Flyer Long Version
    SSA Update for 2-11-2020