Community Care Specialists

  • The Community Care Specialist Team was founded with the goal to create a family access program that coordinates with district supports and includes outreach to parents, solicitation of community resources and increased coordination of services provided to families, alignment with school-level family outreach events/goals, and an established process for meeting with families of every new student in the district.

    Community Resource Specialist Team


    TBH   Desk:    
    Christina Pleitez (Early Learning Center)   Desk: 541-767-3529, cell: 541-520-5193
    Courtney Rose (Lincoln/Al Kennedy)   Desk: 541-767-5974, cell: 541-520-5666
    Glenn Trujillo (Solo/Dorena/London )       Cell: 541-520-5712
    Marissa Martin (Cottage Grove High)   Desk: 541-780-2162 cell: 541-520-4754
    Kalli Schwehr (Bohemia)   Desk: 541-767-3444
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