Tips & Tools

    • Screencastify - A video program (extension for Chrome) that allows you to make a video of your screen, and also your webcam, so you can talk directly to students.  Alex Bellizzi demonstrates in the video.
    • Journeys - Have students access your Journey's online resources without logging in to the Journey's Think Central Site.  Video by Tina West.
    • Have a PDF, but only want certain pages?  
      • If you want just select pages from a PDF document to include in a packet, go to Print. In the drop down menu to select a printer, choose "Microsoft Print to PDF" as your printer. Choose the custom pages option and enter the pages you wish to "print" and hit the print button. This will create another PDF of just those pages that you wanted from the bigger document.
    • Kahoot:  Kids can play a Kahoot from home. You can create a challenge that lasts over multiple days. After you have created a Kahoot, you click PLAY. This will give you two choices: TEACH or ASSIGN. Click assign and it will allow you to create an individual challenge that lasts over multiple days. And of course, there is a way to copy the link and share directly to GOOGLE CLASSROOM. This could provide some student engagement opportunities for those with access to technology.
    • Nod Reactions: Nod allows meeting participants to send real-time reactions to presenters and speakers during meetings on Google Meet. Raise your hand to let speakers know you have something to say with new HandsUp feature.
    • Grid View: Shows everyone in a Google Meet.