• Memberships

    Basic Membership - Includes Lap Swim, Rec. / Family Swim, and Independent Workout

    Unlimited Membership - Includes Group Exercise Classes, Lap Swim, Rec./Family Swim, and Independent Workout


    Student: School Aged student or individuals up to 23 years old with a valid school ID.

    Adult: Adults ages 18 - 61 years old.

    Senior: Ages 62 years and over.

    Senior Couple: Both members must be 62 years or older to qualify. 

    Family: Two adults and up to four dependents residing in the same household. 

    Family Plus: More than four dependents in the same household or Up to 10 family members in two households. (example may be a grandparent with their grandchildren on their membership)


    Basic Membership

    Pre-Paid 12 month

    Basic Membership

    Monthly Payment 12 month

    Unlimited Membership

    Pre-Paid 12 month    (Includes Fitness Classes)

    Unlimited Membership

    Monthly Payment                    12 Months                     (Includes Fitness Classes)











    Senior Couple










    Family Plus                    (7 or more members)







    Passes & Limited Memberships

    Splash Pass

    A Splash Pass includes 15 individual visits. The Pass can be used for Independent Work Out, Lap Swim, or Rec/Family Swim. The Splash is transferable and may be used by multiple swimmers. This pass does not include Group Exercise admittance. 

    All Ages: $52.00 

    30 Day Fitness Pass

    The Fitness Pass gives individuals access to Group Exercise classes in addition to Lap Swim, Independent Workout, and Rec./Family Swim. This pass is valid for 30 days from purchase and is not transferable. 

    Adult: $35.00    Seniors:$30.00 (62 and over)

     Physical Therapy Membership

    The Physical Therapy Membership requires a physician's signature and allows for access to Lap Swim, Independent Workout, and Group Exercise Classes. Participants qualifying for this membership should consult with their physician on the activities they plan to use the pool for. The Physical Therapy Member may be renewed for up to 3 months. 

    All Ages: $25.00 per month

    Signing up for a new membership typically takes 10 minutes and can be done during your first visit to the pool.