Mission Statement

  • Dorena is:

    • A community of diverse learners where people are respected and valued in a safe environment
    • A community that strives to provide learning environments with high expectations
    • A community which supports the social, physical and emotional needs of its learners, with understanding that those needs are unique to the individual

    A successful student of Dorena will be able to:

    • Make informed, responsible choices leading to a healthy lifestyle
    • Have empathy for other people and value cultures and opinions both similar and different to their own
    • Become a successful, cooperative and self-assured individual in society
    • Show tenacity by moving through challenging situations.  We call this Grit.
    • Read, write and communicate with fluency, accuracy, and understanding
    • Critically synthesize information and apply their learning to the real world 
    • Be a curious, active, life-long learner who value Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math
    • Have experience setting and progressing towards academic and social goals