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3-14 Update

While in the process of investigating last Thursday’s incident in the gym parking lot, we came across toy guns that students had in their vehicles. While we can’t say for certain there is a link between the investigation and these items, we wanted to make it clear that items like this are not appropriate on campus or at any school events.Splatr Ball Toy Guns

These battery powered “SplatR Ball” toy guns are considered replicas of weapons under the South Lane School District board policy JFCJ, Replicas of weapons, fireworks and pocket knives are also prohibited by Board policy. Exceptions to the district’s replicas prohibition may be granted only with prior principal approval for certain curriculum or school-related activities.”

These items need to be left at home. Students who bring these items on campus may face disciplinary measures up to expulsion and including possible law enforcement action. Please help us keep school a distraction free environment where we can all focus on student learning.